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Now you can promote your application on our website, mailing list and on our social media channels at a very low cost. Reach more users.

First, make sure you’re app is submitted on AppRater then fill the form below

Why pay for promoting your app?

  1. The social sharing will be happening more often with a premium subscription, normally will get shared once after submission.
  2. A subscription will guarantee that the product will appear in every weekly newsletter (during the subscription period), marked with a yellow background.
  3. And third, will appear on the homepage for the duration of the subscription, you can see now the posts that are marked with an yellow background.

AppRater Promo Subscription

App Name or URL

Your app will be:

  • Promoted on AppRater homepage
  • Featured in the monthly roundup newsletter (over 1,500 subscribers), highlighted with a yellow background
  • Extra shared on social networks

You can cancel the subscription at any time from your PayPal account.

After purchase please wait a few hours until changes will appear on the website.
If you have any further questions feel free to contact me.

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