Parken – Parking Made Better For Both Hosts And Guests external link

The purpose of Parken is to make it more efficient and convenient for guests to look for parking regardless of where they are going. For example, if guests are going to a football game, traveling out of town, business meeting, festival or concert. We all know it can be a hassle to look for parking in busy neighborhoods and downtown areas of the city, and instead of scrambling for a long time to find an open parking space by a meter or even an expensive parking garage one can have the convenience of knowing in advance where to park to save time by contacting and reserving a space for a set period of time or by requesting and paying for parking at short notice. With Parken, hosts will be able to rent out their parking space (drive way, garage, parking spot or etc). Hosts and guests will be able to message each other in real time as well as once the parking is completed by the guest, he will receive an alert to review and rate the hosts as well as vice versa.

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