SplitCloud – Double Music Player Powered By SoundCloud ⓒ external link

With SplitCloud you can share your headphones with who’s next to you and listen to two different tracks at the same time accessing all the available songs from the SoundCloud® streaming platform.

This is perfect when having only one device available or only a pair of headphones…
Maybe during a long journey by train or by plane thanks to the Offline mode feature.

SplitCloud Music Player can be used in single mode as a regular SoundCloud® player or in split mode when sharing with someone else.

SplitCloud gives you two independent music players with adjustable volumes and playlist using a single iPhone or iPod Touch.

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  1. Ann Bennett says:

    Really awesome I liked it😊

  2. Sammy Mason says:

    I like it

  3. Ruth Conner says:

    The idea of the app is awesome, although it can benefit from a few improvements..