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Available now, the app A Travel Companion connects travellers with similar destination plans & preferences. 
Before the journey starts and at the destination itself. 
Sometimes you really don’t want to go on holiday on your own, other times part of the journey is just too uncertain or expensive.
A Travel Companion brings users together, so they can travel more and make new friends along the way.

Cost: free, no in-app purchases.

How does it work:

You set your destination.
Answer a few questions about what you like.
Look at the preferences of other travellers.
Get in touch, follow, chat, meet up and go.
Contribute to the feed with the latest travel news.
And, when you are in another country and want someone to talk to, you can check in and see who is around that speaks your language.
It’s free of charge and there are no in-app purchases.
Localised in Spanish, Italian, French, German, Dutch and Chinese.

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  1. Louise Lee says:

    Love this app!

  2. Julie Garcia says:

    Very useful!! Thanks!