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Abovo.co is a consumer technology that allows Internet users to publish and share content simply by sending or forwarding an email message.

Any email sent or forwarded to the [email protected] email address will be instantly transformed into a web page on the Internet, and the sender will instantly receive a link to the page they created (sent back to the sender’s email address).

The mission of Abovo is to build the world’s simplest technology for publishing and sharing content on the Internet. There is no app to install for Abovo and no sign-up registrations are required for new users. Abovo Users are never asked to learn anything new beyond what they typically do many times every day – send or forward an email. The technology works the same on any device and with any email account/client.

Since the technology of Abovo allows any Internet user to post any page/content on the Internet as simply as sending/forwarding an email, the potential uses of Abovo are countless.

Try it for yourself – simply send or forward any email to [email protected]. What happens next is up to you. :-)

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  1. Donald Jones says:

    very well made