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AeroMegh is a SaaS platform designed to Transform Drone Data into Actionable Insights. AeroMegh Product offers services from Flying and Capturing Drone Data to Processing and Visualizing Drone Data to further analysing to obtain desired outputs in real-time.

1. AeroGCS KEA Enterprise :

AeroGCS KEA is one of its kind, smart and empowering mission planner. It is technically strong with unparallel features. AeroGCS KEA has comparable characteristics of the bird “KEA”. AeroGCS KEA has proven its benchmarking performance, globally.

2. DroneNaksha :

DroneNaksha is designed with a thought of delivering one of its kind, drone survey and mapping experience.
DroneNaksha is a SaaS (Software as Service) from AeroMegh platform for various photogrammetry solutions. Along with orthomosaic, DroneNaksha also generates other data types like Digital Surface Model, Digital Elevation Model, Vegetation using various photogrammetry algorithms.

3. PicStork :

PicStork helps automate end-to-end aerial image analytics right from capturing images to processing the data.Users of PicStork can bring their data, train detectors and analyse data, everything on their own.

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  1. Ryder Sunburst says:

    I feel like this app was tailor-made for my specific needs, it’s that good.