AestheticCam – AI-based Camera That Helps You Take And Find The Most Attractive Shots external link

Today AestheticCam becomes your professional photography mentor.

With our smart camera you can enjoy the view and the camera will do all the work for you. During shooting AI assesses every single angle and we display the assessment on the screen. It equals the average of several opinions of professional photographers.

Our AI lets you know when the angle is the best and can even take a photo for you, just that you can observe and enjoy the view.

Find the best ones among photos from your library.

Can’t choose which photo to share?
Now you don’t need to ask your friends. Just load all the photos from your library and AI will sort them by the aesthetic attractiveness.
After, you can share any of them directly to your social networks.


– Autoshot. The camera can automatically shoot when it finds the best angle.

– Changeable threshold value. You can choose an assessment once an automatic shot is done.

– Skyline helper. AI automatically detects landscape scenes and proposes an area for the skyline in order to get the best angle.

– Share easily. After assessing photos from the library, simply tap the button and share the best ones directly to your social networks.

Interested in the way it works?
Visit to find out more.

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