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More than a decade since the invention of the iPhone, contacts — a core application of mobile phones — is fundamentally flawed. Most people’s contacts are a mess! Ambit has solved this by reinventing the contacts app and giving you a simpler way to share contact information and stay connected.

Here is a peek at what Ambit has to offer:

-Always up to date: When your contacts make changes, you automatically get their new details.

-Share the details that matter: Ambit goes beyond the standard address book with photos, bio, social profiles and more. Sharing your details is quick and easy.

-You’re in control: You choose who has your details and you can stop sharing with anyone at any time.

-Know who’s calling or messaging you: You can see who’s calling or messaging you as Ambit updates your phone’s contacts.

Download Ambit FREE in the app store to get started!

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