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Animal Domino is a two-player offline board game in which players compete to be the first to lay down all their dominoes. Dominoes mobile game is loved across the world. With future improvements coming, which will connect every domino lover across the world, come relax, enjoy, and show everyone what you got.

Dominoes Features:
– Simple and smooth gameplay
– Challenging AI bots
– Statistics from your matches
– Free (no In-App purchases)
– Play without the Internet

How to play the Animal Dominoes game:

a. The player with the highest double (a tile with the same number (same
animal graphics) on both ends, e.g., 6-6) starts the game by playing it in the
b. The next player must play a tile that has a matching number & animal
graphics on one end of the tile, connecting it to the tile in the center.
c. If a player can’t play a tile, they must draw a tile from the boneyard. If the
drawn tile can be played, they must do so. If not, their turn is skipped.
d. The game continues in this manner, with players taking turns and trying to
match the numbers on the dominoes. Doubles (tiles with the same
number/ animal graphics on both ends) are usually placed perpendicular to
the layout and create a “branch” for other players to play on.

The classic Animal Domino game can end in one of three ways:

a. A player plays all their dominoes, in which case they win, and the game
b. The boneyard is empty, and no player can play a tile. In this case, the player
with the fewest points remaining in their hand wins the round.
c. If the boneyard is empty and no player can play a tile, but two or more
players tie for the fewest points remaining, the player with the highest
double in their hand wins the round.

Enjoy endless levels of challenges! Have fun testing your brain with the offline tiles gaming experience, suitable for both casual players and competitive enthusiasts. Download this popular classic board game and progress from a Beginner to a Domino Master! Play the Animal Domino game anytime, anywhere!

Get ready for a mind-bending puzzle game that’ll test your skills!

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    Couldn’t imagine my life without it now