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Anki Pro helps you to remember anything! In the app you create and study flashcards. Having been build on an enhanced spaced repetition algorithm, the app helps you to get the maximum out of studying new materials. Millions of people use the app to remember lecture materials, prepare for exams and learn new vocabulary. AnkiPro has a web version that allows you to use the app across all your devices.

Powerful features, sleek design, fast performance, online collaboration, all of these help Anki Pro to become an effective study helper. The app will help you to create nice and easy to use digital flashcards and avoid managing a pile of uncategorized physical index cards.

Here are the benefits you get from the Anki Pro flashcards app:

– Create and study flashcards

– Use different customizations to make cards look the way you want

– Explore a 50k pre-made deck library
How people use Anki Pro:

– Students – study lecture materials during the year and prepare for exams. Millions of students get the highest grades by studying index cards using spaced repetition technique.

– Teachers – Anki Pro app helps to make a database of knowledge in the format of revision cards and share it with students.

– Language learners – flashcards are well known as the best way to study new vocabulary. The huge library helps to find a perfect ready-to-use deck and not to waste time creating your own flashcards.

App interface is simple and clear but at the same time, the app is extremely powerful. The app allows you to have thousands of flashcards and makes it easy to manage them.

You can create cards on your phone or MacBook based on M1 and higher.


“Finally, I found the app that I can intuitively use! I don’t need to watch tons of videos to understand how to create and learn cards in other srs products. It’s so easy here. I’m in love with AnkiPro!” – Jeffrey Houng

“I use the app to prepare for the MCAT exam. I can say that it definitely works! ” – Matthew Moore

“Flashcards is the thing that changed my habits to study Japanese. Using spaced repetition I can study new words and don’t forget them in a few weeks as it used to be.” – Alysa Tossou

The app is fully supported by a professional team. You’ll constantly get new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

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