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Apifier is a hosted web crawler that enables anyone with elementary coding skills to extract structured data from any website using a few simple lines of JavaScript code.
It is for anyone who needs data from the web, be it a student doing a research project, company monitoring their competition or a startup building their new business.
Apifier can greatly simplify creating new price comparison websites, building new flight booking apps, analysis of real estate markets, product review aggregation, price arbitrage between online stores, personal weather notifications.

There are about 250,000,000 active websites on the internet but only a fraction of them have a public API.
Using Apifier you can crate an API for existing site which doesn’t have one.
The web was designed for humans – the majority of websites do not provide a public API, which means that they cannot be directly used by apps.

What makes this new business unique: Apifier can help anyone to extract data from any website

We believe we can make our web scraping and crawling technology the best in the world. Web is growing and we will grow with it.

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  1. Donald Jones says:

    very well made

  2. Pamela Thompson says:

    great app

  3. Joyce Russell says:

    great little app