AR Clay – Digital Polymer Clay Modeling external link

Hi. This is an idea i worked on in the summer. It’s not yet perfect but i wanted to know what you guys thought and if you had any advice on making it work out. Thank you!

Many of us played a lot with polymer clay (like play doh) when we were younger and some still do. It’s a magical and engrossing medium that brings together families, tinkerers, artists and a truck tonne of warm fuzzies.

AR clay is an app built to allow anyone to take polymer clay with them wherever they go and develop amazing creations intuitively and quickly. Your creations can then immediately be shared with others through a screen shot or even downloaded for 3D printing.

It’s not just all fun and games too. The original impetus for making it was to allow makers with little experience in sculpting to have access to an easy to pick up tool for rapid 3D designing that does all the color blending and aesthetic finishes for them. This can be super useful if you want to make your own unique organic graphics for a presentation or props.

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