Arcazoid For IPad & IPhone external link

The toy completed in amazing graphics and with fine sound and outstanding mechanic returns us to our childhood when we had first arcade machines and first computer games. Having heard the name “Arcazoid” one may guess that it is an time-honoured well-known “Arkanoid” in its modern version.

Maybe it is the best application of this kind – the developers did their best: 275 levels in 17 sets and the possibility to use super bonuses and have more games. All level-packs are designed in different styles – blocks give way to Aztec pyramids, vampires and zombie-zoids. Bright and modern design makes it possible to say that it is a modern classical arkanoid.

There are three control modes in the game: tap, joystick or accelerometer. It is very convenient. We have also one more novelty – active rivals who help you, hinder you and even sometimes try to destroy are added! One more innovation is multiply bonuses.

It is safe to say that “Arcazoid” is one of the best classical “Arkanoids” in App Store.

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