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ARKNet is an IT startup that creates a decentralized and secure platform for business. Corporate messenger, calls, and fast and secure file transfer are already available.

The minimum viable ARKNet product can already become an effective tool for you and your business, help save and secure your data, and allow your team to interact anonymously and safely, communicate with customers and partners, by allocating all the necessary contacts to your personal private network.
Main features of ARKNet beta:
• Secure P2P messenger
• End-to-end encryption
• Each session of any data exchange gets its own unique AES-256 encryption keys
• Calls with high quality connection
• Quick exchange of files of any format and size
• Self-host and network administration

We are open to communication with users, mentors and investors, and especially with like-minded people: those who share our aspirations to create and develop decentralized fault-tolerant business tools. The beta version of the ARKNet platform does not require installation. You get the server application from which you export custom applications. If you are interested in our project, you want to participate in its development, or you have ideas that you would like to implement by becoming part of our team – join us! To date, 100% of the work on creating the Arcnet platform is done by the founder.

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