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ATASTAY was established in 2020 to provide the best and most unique hotel selections and create a memorable luxury travel experience. Most of the hotels have been visited and verified by luxury travel experts. This is to ensure that our selections are trustworthy and are well suited to our goal. When choosing a hotel with ATASTAY, it is not just about the accommodation but the experience that comes with it, It’s how the hotel can transform any stay from ‘okay’ to excellent. We strive to make every experience unique & memorable for you. We have hotel selections in South East Asia, we provide support from our local team in each destination with over 7 languages which are English, Bahasa Indonesia, Malay, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese. Giving the best travel experience has always been at the heart of the ATASTAY brand and our vision is to create a future where people can explore the world with a lavish and unique experience.

We also have a Travel Referral programme available for our users to be able to enjoy travelling experiences with their friends.

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    It is a good app to have