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Quintessential. The operative word to describe autoBcon as the ultimate functional tool for all drivers.

autoBcon is a quintessential tool that has an assortment of features that can help drivers in many ways. In our version, we remodel the conventional “find my car” function to make it easy for you to use. In this iteration, the application uses GPS to mark your car and guide you to your car. As such, this application works best on outdoor location with lesser accuracy indoors.

With autoBcon, you will never forget where you parked your car again, you can find parking and find free parking lots easily. You can also use the “find my car” function to determine “where is my car” and get instructions to guide you to your car.

autoBcon will also allow you to receive available parking information near you, as relayed by other autoBcon users, enabling the sharing of available parking space anonymously and safely. This will multiply your probabilities of finding a parking lot and help you save time and money while reducing pollution at the same time.
autoBcon is completely free, without advertisement or in app purchase. Your identity is completely anonymous without the need to register your personal details with the app.

Key Features:
– 3D Touch Support: You can park and unpark your car without opening your app.
– Geofence Functionality: We can advise you when you are near your car in order to unpark your vehicle. In this way, you will never forgot to unpark your car and you can share available parking information with other autoBcon users.
– Simplicity: Simply shake your device to park or unpark your vehicle.

Basically, the app works this way:-

To Mark Parking Lot

a. Mark where you park your car simply by shaking your phone.

b. A marker “P” will be placed on the map in the application to indicate where your car is parked. The location where you parked your car is then saved automatically.

c. Even when you switched off the application, Autobcon will remember the location when you turned it on again.

To Find Car

a. If your car is parked out of the area shown on the map, click on the “P” logo to find out where your car is parked.

b. To find your car, simply press on the “P” marker on the location of your car. A step by step instruction will be given to you to guide you back to your car.

c. You can set your distance in meters or miles by clicking on the “Gear” setting logo at the top right hand corner.

autoBcon will help you find your parking lot and your parked car easier and faster without any cost to you. The app is designed for simplicity and functionality so that as a user, you are not laden with the hassle of using this app. No information is taken from users so all users are anonymous with users privacy protected at all times.

Please feel free to drop us any comments on how we can improve our app further. In any case do continue to follow us, we have more surprises for you down the road!

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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