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Automatio is a no-code web automation tool that gives the ability to anyone to create web bots or web automation without writing a code.

This is the real means of web automation, not the one that works only through the API like Zapier or other tools. Think about it, Zapier is a great and successful tool that works 99% connecting other apps and platforms through the API. But what about the rest of the web (hundreds of millions of websites and apps) which doesn’t provide API? Well, Zapier would not be able to work there, because those websites don’t have API.

So, since less than 0.01% of the web has API, building real automation is limited only to the one who knows to code. And only 0.3% of the world knows to code.

With Automatio, anyone could build a bot/automation/API out of any website or web app, in minutes and without writing a single line of code. This means, that you don’t need to learn to program or hire someone to do it for you.

This saves tons of time on learning or hiring process (which can be painful) and saves tons of money, like hundreds or even thousands of dollars just to build one bot. Not to mention, waiting for the project to be completed, maintaining, security, scalability … All that is taken care of by Automatio.

Automatio consists of simple drag & drop Chrome Extension where you build bots and a Web Dashboard where your bots running. It means once you create and run your bot, it will run from the cloud server, which means that you can close your browser, shutdown your computer, and let the Automatio do the work for you.

Now, let’s back to the Zapier. As you know Zapier is a really powerful and useful tool, but as I mention, its universe is for itself, and it’s limited to work only with existing API.

If you combine Automatio and Zapier, you get unlimited and very powerful automation workflows.

Our existing customers are using Automatio, to automate Zapier 🤯. Imagine that, the biggest “automation tool” called Zapier is getting automated by Automatio. Why? Well, there are people who use Zapier a lot and create hundreds of “Zaps” or automation workflows. Since they can’t automate creating Zap process, they are using Automatio, to dynamically create Zaps and build workflow automation on the Zapier. Just like we humans would do, log in to Zapier, click here and there, input this data, and so on.

In short, Automatio is and will be a really powerful tool used by millions and it will shape the internet we know today. Wait and see.

My words:

“Wish I had Automatio when I was starting my digital journey ~15 years ago. I was always in need of web automation. Another bot that will save me from boring, repetitive manual work. I started building Automatio to solve my problems, not to “validate” another startup idea. There is nothing to validate. Automatio is the future happening right now, and you should be part of it, because it will bring You tremendous benefits, in whatever field you are in this digital age”

Peace ✌

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  1. Donald Jones says:

    Since they new update, it became even better.