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Ball Journey is an interesting and addictive game around with a twist!

To reach your destiny you have to avoid all obstacles. There are random obstacles each time appeared Ball Journey is an arcade game that features a gravity style adventure in which the player have to tap if they want to stop the ball from falling. This means less strain on the fingers.

The ball is falling down, as easy as gravity causes any thing to fall but you have to face the challenge of saving the ball from many obstacles during the journey. A tap will stop the ball to save from a free fall. Challenge your friends to achieve the highest score.

This exciting ball journey, challenges your reflexes as well as concentration. your eye and hand coordination is tested here, a great way to kill bring time and enjoy every bit of it.

Amazing Features:

● Simple yet interactive user interface

● Easy controls which helps to play smoothly

● Leader board to check high scores

● Exceptional graphics design

● Endless challenging fun

● Music and sound effects to keep you intact

How to Play ?

Main aim of the game is to make the ball reach its destiny. Easy levels in the beginning but gradually the game play becomes harder.Tap on the screen to keep the ball bouncing at the same position to avoid obstacles

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  1. Nancy Griffin says:

    Good. But still space to improve.