Battle Clans Samurai And Ninja For Android external link

Battle clans: Samurai and Ninja is a FREE game for those who love defence tower games
Your mission is to stop the evil clan invader destroying your peaceful clan. The Evil lord will send his deadly ninjas, samurai warriors and evil creatures to invade your clan and destroy what ever is in it’s path.

Your defence will includes sumo wrestlers, samurai warriors and soldiers to come to your aid and help flight off the evil clan.

Your defence tower will consists of magic ice towers, rocket launchers, flame throwers and many other great defence towers.

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  1. Antoinette Bradley says:

    Wow….. Awesome love this appp…..

  2. Paul Patterson says:

    Fantastic. Just what I was looking for

  3. Lois Long says:

    This app is so cooooooolll.