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Discover and browse reddit on your iPhone with Beam

Millions of users consume content from every day, making it one of the largest and most interesting online communities. Most interesting why? Just think of something, a certain hobby, interest, world events, anything basically and there’s a subreddit dedicated to that topic. Finding new and interesting subreddits is harder than you might think, especially on your phone. Until now.

We’re thrilled to introduce a new reddit iOS app called Beam. The app allows you to easily browse and follow the content you love, look for specific content you’re interested in and makes discovering new subreddits fun. The internet is a weird place, let’s enjoy and celebrate that.

Beam for web

Seamlessly share posts, images, videos and subreddits with friends and family through Beam. Is your device not compatible with Beam? No worries, we’ve created a responsive web view for shared content that works beautifully on all mobile devices, tablets and on your desktop. Happy sharing!

Beam let’s you:
– Easily browse reddit
– Discover awesome subreddits
– Share posts and subreddits
– Filter and search subreddits
– Up and down-vote posts
– Read comments
– Comment on posts
– Reply to comments
– Up and down-vote comments
– Full size images in stream
– Photogallery support
– In-app video and links
– Enhanced privacy settings
– Profile with saved and upvoted posts

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