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Swiss knife for Twitter!

Tweet more then 140 characters? Yes its possible with BigTweets. The iPhone app was introduced in june 2014 and received good reviews. Since then the app idea was copied more then once.

The original idea behind BigTweets is simple, type your text and hit the Twitter button. The text will be converted into an image and uploaded to Twitter.

Version 2.0 is adding much more fun and useful functions with the same ease of use as version 1.0. We don’t ask you to sign in to another web service or monthly payments. All functionality is in this app and its yours.

Big, text to image

We added text alignment to the beloved function, right, left, center, justify just go ahead.

Split text

We added added Split Text to BigTweets! You don’t have to sign in for another web service to split your text. Every long text will split in multiple tweets with a following number and uploaded in the right order. You can also add a hashtag of a @ user tag, every tweet will have it.

Delete Tweets

You can delete your complete Tweet history in an easy way. Not one by one but in batches of 100. The 100 Tweets was taken for performance.

Hope you will love this App version as much as version 1.0. Enjoy!


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  1. Carolyn Smith says:

    It is a great app thank you