– Document Sharing With Realtime Tracking And Engagement Analytics external link

– is a modern alternative to Docsend that helps businesses share documents securely with realtime tracking and analytics
– Features
1.Document Control: Secure, link-based document sharing with customizable permissions and security settings.
2.Real-Time Tracking: Analytics on who views documents, when, and their engagement level.
3.Content Management: Centralized dashboard for organizing, updating, and managing shared documents.
4.Feedback and Collaboration: In-document , eSignatures, and CRM system integration.
5.Custom Presentation: Custom branded spaces and URLs for document sharing.
6.Security and Compliance: Advanced protection with industry-standard compliance.
7.Integration: Compatibility with popular CRM and notification platforms plus custom APIs.
8.Wide File Format Support: Accepts various file types like PDFs, PowerPoint, and Word documents.
9.Mobile Access: Document access and tracking across different devices.

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  1. Thorne Ravenwood says:

    I’ve become the envy of my friends with how effortlessly I manage my tasks using this app.

  2. Aurora Dawn says:

    The ability to collaborate with others is seamless and effective