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Lead or Lose, has a fun new physics-based game on the App Store called Bingo Balls HD, that I’m sure you will all love. It is the most addictive strategy game you will ever play, and it is FREE to download:

The objective of the game is to get the bingo ball to land on the stone rocks by strategically removing the wooden blocks from underneath, without dropping the ball on the ground. The game is suitable for ages 4 and up and fun for the whole family.

Some features in Bingo Balls HD:
★ FREE coins!
★ Over 90,000 ways to customize your very own bingo ball!
★ Easy to post scores on Facebook and Twitter!
★ Addictive and strategic gameplay!
★ Fun visual graphics!
★ Multiple themes and eras!
★ Fun for the whole family!

Submitted by Michelle A.



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