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Birding Bonanza combines fun game play, authentic graphics and educational information into one awesome game. Currently available for free on iTunes. Visit or for more information.

In this fast-action app, players travel throughout the different geographic regions of the United States, feeding and learning about North America’s best-loved wild birds. The goal is for players to keep their “outdoor pets” happy by feeding them the foods that they love best – but it has to be done quickly, or the birds will fly away.

Birding Bonanza features hours of free game play. With its colorful graphics, intuitive controls and fun use of real life birding facts, users of all ages will want to replay it again and again to get a high score.

Through 20 exciting levels, featuring 14 types of wild birds, you’ll learn interesting facts about some of the country’s most desirable outdoor pets. From feeding preferences to habitat locations to appearance and color, players will add to their birding knowledge every time they pick up their iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

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