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SaaS based business workflow automation solution for small, medium and enterprises.

Bizbee is a subscription based SaaS platform, where customers register, configure , customize and up and running in matter of minutes.

Our differentiation is :

#1 Process App(s) Store: We have 100+ built-in workflows across 10 industries. Customer selects the business workflow apps and start using them by click of a button

#2 Process Centric Approach: Our whole solution revolves around processes flow. Bizbee eliminate glitches, improves efficiency, monitor & report against process.

#3 Gamification: Encourages the users to perform to fullest potential by awarding – points,badges, awards and trophies.

#4 Analytics: Analytics engine collects lot of metrics when the users are performing their day to day work according to the workflows. Insights gives the control, insights about – processes, people and flow and suggests efficiency improving actions.

Please reach us at [email protected] / 98481 50678

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