Brabble For IPhone® And Android®, Share What Matters To The People That Matter. external link

Brabble provides a quick, easy and fun way to enjoy richer conversations with friends. This free app captures audio, photo and video messages with a single tap and uses a proprietary network to ensure messages stay public or private.

Unlike similar apps in the App store, conversation participants can reply or comment back (aka ‘brabbleback’) using any of these formats creating rich conversations.

Brabble Features

* Enjoy richer conversations – comment using video, photo, audio and text.
* Share instantly to Facebook and Twitter.
* Record audio direct from your iPhone.
* Don’t just like a post – you can LOVE them too.
* My Feed: displays the Brabbles for the users you follow and your own Brabbles.
* Explore: displays the Brabbles of all the other Brabble users.
* Support for front and back cameras.

Brabble (free) is available for download now here on iTunes <> and Google Play <>.

You can read more about it at our website <>.

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