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BrainyAI is a browser plugin that brings together the latest AI models and search engines from around the world, letting you access AI chat, search, and reading help right from the sidebar of your webpage. (Free alternative to Sider and Monica).
Powered by the latest ChatGPT technology, BrainyAI offers a versatile browser extension that seamlessly fits into your workflow. Whether you’re searching, chatting, translating, writing, summarizing, or tackling any other task, BrainyAI is here to supercharge your productivity.

Key Feature:
1️⃣ Free AI chat aggregation:
– Fast access to popular AI models like GPT-3.5, GPT-4, GPT-4o,Claude, Llama, Geminni,and Kimi, etc.
– Chat with multiple models and compare AI responses in one chat.
– Ask any question and receive an immediate solution.

2️⃣ Free AI search aggregation:
– Get instant info from multiple AI search engines, including Perplexity, Phind, MetaSo, Devv,, and etc.
– Search Google and ChatGPT simultaneously for faster and more accurate answers.
– Input your question into Google, and simultaneously compare the answers from Google and other AI search engines.

3️⃣ Free AI smart reading:
– On-the-go AI assistant for instant interpretation, translation, summarization, and rewriting of text on any webpage.
– Chat with images and documents, extract info, and get concise summaries.
– Documents of unrestricted length come in all formats, like txt, pdf, doc, png, mov, pptx, mp3, mp4, csv, and so on.

4️⃣ Free web/YouTube summary:
– Use AIs to summarize any webpage content and engage in conversation.
– Use AIs to summarize YouTube content and engage in conversation.

We’re committed to providing users with convenient and efficient smart services while also prioritizing their data security and privacy protection. The plugin itself doesn’t store or transmit any user information, with all authentication processes handled by the browser, ensuring not only account security but also preventing credential leaks.

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