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BridgeMe LLC has just released V1.0 of their app, Bridge. Bridge connects people in real time through the use of its strikingly simple map interface. The clean and intuitive user experience is centered around the check-in feature and allows users to see who is around them, what experiences they might share, and the ability to message others inside and outside their social circles. Through this user friendly, and visually appealing app, see why Bridge has given users a new reason to check-in.

Although the competition in the check-in market is fierce, the Bridge interface, usability and design appear to be superior in comparison to the other big name players in the game. As a startup, BridgeMe LLC understands it’s making a bold statement, but through the research and development undertaken by the Bridge team, we are confident that we see a strong entrance by an up and coming market disruptor.

The social check-in feature has existed for quite some time, failing to gain much traction even with the push from major industry players. In its development pipeline, BridgeMe LLC has made it quite clear that they are addressing some of the major concerns in this context, such as user activity and privacy. While Bridge V1.0 is successful in it’s initial cleanup and simplification of the check-in feature, the Bridge team has emphasized that future updates to the app will push Bridge and the social check-in experience to the next level, while remaining true to the Bridge mission statement: simplicity.

Download Bridge V1.0 for yourself, and see why they have given you a new reason to check-in. Stay tuned for Bridge updates.

BridgeMe LLC is a team of entrepreneurs dedicated to the creation and development of new and innovative products. BridgeMe LLC has existed in its current form for about a year and is currently focused on simplifying complex social tech issues. The company’s headquarters is located in Boston, with project development and design located in New York City.

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