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My name is Kristina and I work as a marketing manager in Cleverside. You constantly have new articles and it would be cool if you also wrote a review about our game!

Try to play our game Bright Objects! It’s a new type of hidden objects game with different mechanics of search! Our users really like it (av. rating 4.7⭐) !

The main goal is to find the hidden objects in the picture, the game has more than 2000 unique levels with 15-75 objects on every picture, and you can play in any order. Moreover our players also have the opportunity to choose the level of any difficulty and type of search.
Just play and relax!

We have a wonderful adult audience, and our players usually say that our game saves them from depression, helps them cope with loneliness and in the post surgery period.
Some of them become really addicted!
Some users say that our app helps them find things easier and faster in everyday life!

I also attach an app link, where you can learn more about our game!
Awaiting your response.

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  1. William Sanders says:

    Good. But still space to improve.