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The DEC (Digital Experience Comic) is a new e-comic platform, developed by Northern Irish studio Uproar Comics. The DEC comes complete with the first 30 page installment of e-comic ‘Not Dead Yet’ which centers around a zombie outbreak in Northern Ireland and explores how, in the face of adversity, former enemies put their differences aside, while others struggle to leave the past behind. Uproar Comics are planning to release more titles which will be available to download onto the app.

The DEC combines 2D and 3D animation and sound effects. The app is highly interactive and as readers progress through the main story they can unlock hidden bonus content such as side stories, character bios and even music tracks. An official trailer can be viewed at:

The DEC provides a rich and rewarding interactive experience and is a must for all comic book fans!

The DEC is available now from the app store:

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