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Brizeo is an activity-based social app to connect people with similar interests at home and abroad. Brizeo allows you to make connections anywhere in the world, post pictures and videos, chat, and invite your friends to the app.

People resort to dating apps to meet others for things that do not include dating. Dating apps are one-dimensional: the majority of people who match will never meet or continue the conversation beyond a few days. As a traveler or student studying abroad, it is difficult to connect with people in similar situations that are not in your immediate vicinity. Locals don’t want to meet someone from a dating app who is transient.

Brizeo matches people with similar interests and allows you to create a community of long-term friends and connections. Brizeo is action-plan oriented and goes far beyond dating. Brizeo combines and utilizes the best features of apps like Facebook and Tinder (while simultaneously removing negative stereotypes) to meet new people outside of your friend’s circle.

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