BuildShip – Visual Low-code Backend And AI Workflow Builder external link

BuildShip is a lowcode visual backend builder that lets you ship APIs, scheduled jobs, AI workflows, cloud jobs instantly. Connect with any database, tools and AI models to create complete backend logic flows. Use prebuilt nodes or use AI to create custom logic nodes just for you.

By combining the ease of nocode with power of low-code extensibility – BuildShip gives you a scalable way to build your backend fast.

Supports powerful use-cases like:
💸 Collect payment and trigger Stripe, RevenueCat, Lemon Squeezy for subscription workflows
🪄 Trigger AI workflows and build AI apps’ backend
🔌 Creating APIs for processing your data and CRUD ops on database
📝 Send form submission data to third party tools
🤖 Add AI Assistant Chatbot with OpenAI, Azure, Claude, Groq or any model
💌 Email users, generate leads, enrich data

The possibilities are endless with BuildShip ✨

Join one of the largest community of No Code builders, makers, founders and creators on Discord and get the support you need to convert your ideas to shipped apps.

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