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Calculator Plus is a nice addition to hundreds of Calculator apps but with unique idea and innovative and user friendly designed buttons.
Looking For A Reliable And Cheap Way To Do Calculations On The Go? Then Look No Further!”
A sound and smart person keeps himself up-to-date from every walk of life. When it comes to technology, it always comes first in this fast and forward moving world.
Calculator Plus developed with unique and attractive features which will cling into your mind and your mind will say that this is a must possess product for management of my work.
Whats make it unique is Calculator Plus Also include % and Square Root Function along With Memory Buttons which normally are not provided with default android calculators.
This app is really the one which is designed specifically to make your life easier and simpler, save your time to make you indulge in more activities and enjoy. This new version includes some of the best features. you are not just getting an App but a better and easier way to unload your Calculation work in minimal time period.

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