CallHound – Unwanted Calls Block external link

CallHound is an essential app for everyone who deals with instant calls and wants to protect themselves from strangers, spammers, and advertisers. In this app, you can manually create rules, manage them and edit any time you need.
Don’t worry about limits! In CallHound you possible to add an unlimited quantity of rules and fine-tune them considering special symbols, register, and emoticons.
With Spam rule, you can completely block incoming calls. Applying an Unwanted rule, you add ‘unwanted’ tag during the call.
CallHound also takes care of backups! Link social networks to save your rules in the cloud. So, when installing the app on another device, all data will be transferred automatically. You also don’t need an Internet connection to use the app.
Block unwanted calls with CallHound and get rid of unwanted calls forever!

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  1. Brenda Perry says:

    great little app

  2. Mark Baker says:

    Love this app!

  3. Julia Mitchell says:

    This app is so cooooooolll.