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Camera Effect Mixer is a Brand-new camera app with a large amount of unique real-time effects & filters!

Outstanding features:

1. Effect and Filter Mixing!
This app is unique because of its ability to Mix two effects or filters in real-time. For example you can mix a grayscale filter of a mirror effect or a high-contrast retro effect! The app offers more than 900 possible combinations in total. And all of them are in real-time!

2. Configurable Effects & Filters!
The Effects are not only real-time, they are also configurable! You can set the values for contrast, saturation, strength of effects, etc.

3. Interactive and Animated Effects!
Some effects are animated or even interactive! For example the Bubbles in Bubble effect will move faster if you shake your device.

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  1. Randy Young says:

    Very useful!! Thanks!