CanvasJS StockChart – Easy To Create, High Performance Advance Charts For Data Visualization external link

CanvasJS StockChart is an advanced version of Chart with features like slider, range selector, synchronizing toolTip & crosshair across multiple charts, etc. It also comes with a jQuery plugin & React Wrapper.

Key Features in StockChart –

1. Range Selector
2. Navigator
3. Supports multiple Charts within a StockChart
4. Synchronizes Tooltip & Crosshair across multiple charts by default
5. Supports exporting entire StockChart as image
6. Supports printing entire StockChart on the client-side
7. Dynamic Updates
8. jQuery Plugin for StockChart
9. StockChart React Wrapper

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  1. Antoinette Bradley says:

    Love this app!

  2. Ronald Spencer says:

    Nice work…👌