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Selling a car takes way too much time and effort these days – typically many weeks.

CarSwap expedites this process by helping users find cars to swap with permanently or temporarily, sometimes within the same day! The app uses a simple swiping “pass” or “swap” interface and the process is very simple;

1. List your vehicle for free
2. Swipe on the cars you like
3. Review offers and matches
4. Discuss vehicle condition and value
5. Meet up to trade cars – permanently or temporarily!

Scattered Facebook groups and manufacturer-specific forums have attempted to accommodate for vehicle trading but all failed to reach critical mass due to the difficulty of finding matches.

CarSwap avoids these shortfalls, by using the simple interface and tindereque to maintain a dynamic trading platform. They launched worldwide in October 2016 and has rapidly gained an active user base of thousands of vehicle owners wanting to swap for various cars – including yours!

The CarSwap platform is disrupting the auto classifieds industry in a manner comparable to AirBNB with the hotel market, Uber with the taxi market, etc — by innovating the way users to get the underlying product or service they want faster and easier than by current traditional means.

One of the unexpected advantages of the app has been the social connection element. One user reported matching with a professional basketball player on CarSwap and receiving courtside tickets.

Rock artist Fronzilla listed his Lamborghini Huracan on CarSwap, allowing a lucky user to drive the car of their dreams.

As the app grows in popularity with celebrities, it will continue to be a game changer in the automotive classifieds landscape.

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  1. Rose Price says:

    The idea of the app is great. It has a lot of potential

  2. Walter Long says:

    The interface is amazing