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-Tilt device Left and Right to move Horizontally
-Tap to Jump

A Free to Play, Infinite Side Scrolling Cave Adventure!!! Silex, a Bestia creature, climbs his way through a Lush and Magical Diamond filled multi-directional cave system, collecting Coins and avoiding Pits on his way. Avoid these Pits, as the Mallum Creatures will drill out and drain all your powers!

-Hover over the Magical June bug to fill up the Bug Juice Bar to generate points and listen to awesome tunes!
-Once the Bug Juice Bar fills up, you gain a point!
-Retrieve the Magical Red Flying Enchantment Scrolls. But, beware, they can be risky after +5, so pick them up wisely!
-The higher you enchant your character, the faster your Bug Juice Bar will generate, which means more points!
-Retrieve Bug Coin throughout the game in order to unlock Safe Enchant features, which gives the player free Safe Enchantments.
-Every 50 Bug Coins you pick up or receive, you unlock a Safe Enchant!
-Keep a lookout for the “REST” button! It gives you a chance to gain between 50-100 Bug Coin for Free!

-Optimized for iPhone 6
-Game Center (Leaderboards: Top Score / Top Enchant)
-iCloud syncing between devices (Bug coin and all scores)
-Screenshot Sharing!
-Multi-direction generated cave system. You probably will never go the same exact route every time!
-In-App purchases | Custom characters that come with personalized sound effects!

-Uses top notch graphics API’s that gives the ability to run dynamic real-time lights and high resolution images.
-Advanced image effects, such as blooming
-Optimized with High Dynamic Range Rendering (better looking lighting effects)

Future Updates:
-More unique themed characters!
-More rewards!

Support and Updates:
Check us out on Twitter! @CaveDash
Youtube Channel:

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