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Send and receive money quickly and conveniently from friends and strangers alike. It’s as easy as tweet, SMS or email.

Your Money, Your Way

Why limit ourselves when it comes to money?

Shine on social media with ChangeTip by sending a coffee to a person you admire over Twitter, or paying a friend back for dinner over Facebook. Impress your friends by loading a GIF or an Emoji with money. They won’t believe it!

Payments Without Borders

Traditional money stops where borders begin. With ChangeTip, make your money international.

Fill your digital pocket with US dollars, bitcoin, or both. You can now send money to anyone, anywhere, on the Internet.

Bitcoin makes global transactions easy, and no amount is too small. Try it now!

Kudos To Content

Artists that inspire you, thought leaders that challenge you, movements that encourage you: empty your digital pocket change into their collection buckets – no matter where they are, no matter where you are.

When the world combines their spare change, we make massive global social change happen.

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