Checketry – Download Manager external link

Checketry is a download manager that lets users track and manage download progress from desktop to mobile.

Full features include:

• Manage your files on your desktop PC device remotely from iOS.
• Shut-down timer: Choose when your PC shuts down after files are done. No more wasting power!
• Change sleep settings from desktop to mobile.
• Forgot to change your sleep settings to ‘never go to sleep’? No problem! Checketry has a feature to make sure your device won’t turn off while you’re downloading.
• Pause, cancel and schedule downloads from mobile: You can manage your files on PC, including starting and deleting them, from your mobile.
• Acts as a remote desktop by allowing you to manage downloads on your computer from mobile.

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  1. Shawn Jenkins says:

    It is a great app thank you

  2. Erika Garrett says:

    Empowers me to take control of my day, highly recommend it