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Chifro ABC: Kids Alphabet Game helps 2-4 year babies, toddlers, kids and children to learn alphabet (ABC) of the English language.
The application has:
•Beautifully animated homepage
•Pleasant color scheme
•26 colorful Alphabet A-Z, with funny high quality characters for toddlers and preschool kids
•Easy-to-solve puzzles for each alphabet
•Alphabet tracing with multiple colors and textures
•Musical video for visual recognition of each alphabet
•Real sound, correct pronunciation and phonic-based animations
•Highly interactive interface
•Large easy-to-identify icons
•Visual learning with increase in visual/spatial awareness
•Improvement in hand-eye coordination due to usage of tactile learning
Type: Game-based
Target audience: 2 to 4 years.
All 26 alphabet of the English language are described using picture puzzles coupled with animations and voice-overs. Tracing of alphabet has been included through an interactive activity. The interest factor is enlivened because the child can trace each alphabet in multiple colors and textures. Apart from in-game instructions, voice-overs explain the actions taking place on the screen and provide instructions on how to use the application.

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