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There are vast variety of games on the App Store specially in the fun runner category. Chimp Rush falls right in that where you play as a funky Chimp (Chuck Morris) jumping around the jungle saving himself from the animals who have taken up a fight against him. The game features top of the line 2d graphics, well drawn and presented in a nice way. All the environments look rich and would definitely an attraction for kids looking for a fun game. The game controls are simple enough to pick up and play. A lower intensity touch makes the Chimp jump lower and harder press makes a higher jump. The obstacles are interesting over all with number of variety.

The most interesting and fun level of the game is definitely the challenges that come in during the game. The game right now features 3 challenges:
– Rhino Challenge where the beasty rhino runs after you and the only way to survive is to out run it or drop heavy boxes to stop him.
– Hunters Challenge – a hunter truck comes at the right side of the screen throwing tnt boms at the Chimp. The player is required to make timely jumps to survive.
– Vulture Challenge – A group of vultures appear from nowhere and picks up the chimp. The game controls change to Tap to drop during this challenge. The fun element is definitely the flying through experience.

The sound of the game can definitely be improved and we will hang wait for an update to see if things change.
The game definitely misses the user retention and with time I got bored with repetitive content. With introduction to missions and in-app the developers can definitely improve the over all user acquisition and retention for this game.

We would rate it 3 Star.

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