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Get shirts tailored just for you. With Chop Stitch mobile app, you can make your own custom designed shirts.

How Chop Stitch Mobile App Works?

– First Select your type of cloth
– Now, it’s time to select your favorite colored fabric.
– Customise your cloth with multiple styling options.
– Now, it’s time to give your measurement with the help of mobile’s camera.
– Once done, it’s time to pay and your order will be delivered soon.

Features of Chop Stitch Mobile App:

– Choose your style and customize your shirt with visuals.
– Get your body measured within minutes.
– Easy to place an order.

Design & Developed by Capermint Technologies.

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  1. Russell Martinez says:

    The idea of the app is awesome, although it can benefit from a few improvements..

  2. Sara Collins says:

    Fantastic. Just what I was looking for