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Chowdown is a mobile application for Android and iOS that turns finding (and eating) delicious food into a competitive game amongst friends. Users can create their own private groups, called Chowdowns, with custom rules and invite their friends and family to compete with them.

Each week, every Chowdown is given a new challenge that’s generated for them at random – for instance, you may get a specific challenge like “Jumbo Burger” or something more open to interpretation such as “Something Tempting”. This keeps the competition fresh, and it gives users the ability to get creative and hopefully discover some new restaurants and recipes along the way.

We also provide “Community Chowdowns” that are available to everyone. Community Chowdowns give users the chance to interact with fellow players, and give restaurants an opportunity to create a community around their brand, and ultimately increase retention. These Chowdowns can be themed to certain types of food (Burger Lovers), a location (Toronto Foodies) or even a specific restaurant (Tommy’s Pizzaria).

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  1. Randy Young says:

    It is a very useful and interesting app

  2. Walter Long says:

    love the recent updates