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Chunk is the debt paydown solution of the future. We integrate with your financial institutions to provide you with a detailed summary of your debt situation. We offer you a number of resources to help you pay down your debt as quickly as possible and with minimal interest costs.

We have various, customized debt payoff paths with our built-in paydown simulator. In addition, you’ll get customizable, just-in-time SMS and/or e-mail notifications to help you track your financial life, such as low account balance, high credit spending, large transactions, etc., which will keep you on track for your debt payoff journey. We also provide you with a detailed summary of your financial activity with beautiful charts and graphs that help you understand your spending, assets, debt, and much more!

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  1. Julia Mitchell says:

    love the recent updates

  2. Aria Winter says:

    This app has become my secret weapon for staying ahead of the game.