Cleanhearing – Tailored Tinnitus Therapy On Your Phone external link

The Cleanhearing app turns your downloaded tracks into a personalised tinnitus therapy that only requires your phone and a set of good quality headphones. Tailored notched music therapy, also known as TMNMT, is an evidence-based technology based on scientific research into brain neuroplasticity. It works by calming the brain overactivity associated with tinnitus by notching out frequencies close to the tinnitus tone. Notched music therapy is suitable for a pure-tone tinnitus and the app also offers masking and relaxing music files, suitable for all tinnitus types. The app can be used as a standalone treatment, or together with Cleanhearing Sono IoT medical device, a multimodal system that combines notched music with electrical stimulation technology.

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  1. Ezra Moonbeam says:

    Saves me from procrastinating