Clocr – Everyone MUST Have A Legacy Plan For Their Digital Assets. external link

Clocr is building a blockchain-powered, legacy planning platform for digital assets that offers a super-secure, hacker deterrent cloud locker and digital estate disbursement features, all under one roof.

People can store and share their digital assets, and provide a hierarchy of instructions on how their digital assets can be disbursed to their selected beneficiaries

Clocr is the first one, to our knowledge, to harness the advantages of blockchain that brings SMART contract advantages to the digital estate planning industry.

In addition, Clocr offers a superior customer experience with many innovative, game-changing features such as self-updating will, video notary, hospital/EMS access to medical proxy.

We built a proprietary, multi-layered security protocol that shreds the encrypted files and stores the pieces on multiple cloud locations.

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  1. Willie Turner says:

    you should charge for this app

  2. Skylar Mist says:

    An indispensable tool for remote work