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Color Idea is the fantastic APP for children but also for the whole family!

Have fun with COLOR to coloring the animals, toys, but also draw freehand and create masterpieces to share with friends. Coloring and play with LIQUID both with Smartphone and tablets.

How you can have fun with Color Idea App:
-More than 30 designs coloring while having fun
-Draw free hand to create your masterpieces and liberate the artist in you!
-Many tools such as colored pencils, rubber, stickers to decorate and customize your designs
-A fantastic gallery where to find your designs and share them with your friends

Boys and Girls but also adults of your family can have fun and play with the innovative LIQUID.
In LIQUID, you have fantastic instruments to play and to move the colors (gravity, gels, and the fantastic liquid colors)

Your child can paint, draw or doodle whenever you want to have fun or simply feels an artist.

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  1. Shawn Jenkins says:

    Wow….. Awesome love this appp…..