Connect The Dots – A Game Of Connecting Lines Of Different Colour Pumpkins external link

Connect the Dots is a completely free to play game. Check it out!

It’s been created with some very interesting pumpkin characters. Also look out for “PUMPKING”, get it? He’s on there. Very fun to look at.

Connect the Dots is a simple concept game. All you have to do is connect as many objects of the same colour as possible. In this case these objects are pumpkins. Draw a line across these objects either vertically or horizontally. You can go either direct in the same move! All you need is have at least 2 objects next to each other. You even get more points for connecting closed squares or rectangles.

Play in either Timed mode, Limited Moves mode or unlock the Infinite mode and play infinitely! Yes, playing nothing stopping you.

This game literally has no end once you unlock the infinite level. Even if you get stuck you can still use the power-ups to keep going.

Included in the game are:
*Endless Levels – fantastic!
*Over 20 pumpkin character rewards – these guys are so cool
*Over 4 Power-ups including the ability to remove some pumpkins off the board if you get stuck. In time-mode you even gain extra moves!
*Collect gems as you play which you can then use to buy more power-ups

Don’t forget to challenge your friends and share the endless fun. Send a challenge to your friends and compare your scores on the leaderboard.

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And thank you for being part of the fun!

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