ControlD – Bypass Geo-restrictions, Block Tracking, Be More Productive. external link

ControlD is a fully customizable secure DNS service, similar to Pi-Hole or NextDNS, but with a transparent proxy functionality, which enables the user to redirect some/all their HTTP(S) traffic through a network of servers in over 100 city level locations. This allows the users to do a whole bunch of stuff, like: – Redirect (proxy) all traffic through any location using only DNS – Unlock geo-restricted services – Create productivity schedules to block or unblock different services – Block ads, trackers, porn, newly registered domains, etc with a single toggle switch. There are 15 bespoke filters to choose from. 3rd party user testing revealed them to be the most effective blocklists you can find online. This works on all devices, and does not require any apps. There is a free no-payment 30 day trial available, so you can get started in seconds.

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